840 Sherman St. | Geneva, OH 44041


I love everything about Pine Grove. I, myself, think it's the safest ever. It's always good to do your best and follow all rules. I like activities they always have good trips.


Pine Grove is the best and amazing place to stay. Everybody is family. We have a bowling team. A lot of activities. The people here take good care of you and help you with everything you need. It's a safe facility and we recommend this place to everyone that needs help. Best place ever!


The therapy department helped to motivate me to be more active. They were helpful in getting me ice and even some breakfast when I slept in and missed it.


Everything was a-ok! Wouldn't change a thing.


I enjoy coming to therapy because I build muscles and get stronger. I also enjoy the company.


Therapy is exceptionally professional...great employees and work great together.


It's pretty nice here. Most people are nice. The food is good... Therapy is nice and helping me walk again and keeping my muscles flexible. They have been a great help.


I've never been sick so I didn't know what to expect when I was admitted to Pine Grove. It's been a positive experience. Staff is friendly and helpful, physical therapy has been a blessing, they are very knowledgable.
Food is excellent. I highly recommend this facility.


...Staff has been nothing but exceptional.


You have helped me.


The food is excellent and nutritious.


I visited my sister Cheryl...for the first time since she was transferred there. I was very happy with the facility. The staff was very helpful and friendly and it was nice to see Cheryl being well cared for. I’m extremely happy with Pine Grove. It’s very apparent the staff cares about their people there. Thank you for this!